Jan 22, 2011

2011 Pontiac Trans Am

When news of the rebirth of the Camaro has teeth in 2006, HOT ROD staff of his mouth foamed, and not long before one of us the question: "I wonder if they make a version of Firebird that?" Sure, the Pontiac was still present at this time, so it seems logical. We then look at the concept of designer Kevin Morgan, a Trans Am (below), using as a base Camaro. He hit out of the park with the rendering, which appeared in May '07, and we are not the only one who thinks so.
Tod Warmack in the Trans Am Depot in Tallahassee, Florida (www.transamdepot.com), thinking the same thing and told his brother and business partner, Scott, "If Pontiac Trans Am did not build, we can do with the design kevin.
Of course, there are no cars available at the time, but thanks to his membership of SEMA, Tod has access to the CAD-CAM on the new Camaro and gather the information needed to make an instrument for change in the Chevy Trans Am About a year later Todd Otto Otto Body in Lincoln, Nebraska (www.ottobody.com), is thinking the same thing and called Kevin, the effort to build a one-time TA, just because he wants to do it. Kevin Tod contacted (Warmack) and talked about the plan, and all the details of the hash. Trans Am Depot to buy a new Camaro, and to send the body to Otto, who built the car more quickly to beat the deadline to make the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio, in August 2009 for the debut.
"The first car built to make 3-D and see what works and what does not. You know, so we can take a step back and look and see how it looks," said Tod. Once you make the first car, the team began to execute the plan in a second car.
After seeing the first car in the performance of TA Nat Pypes, exhaust calling and asking if he could stand it for SEMA '09. Tod said Pypes No. 2 is a better deal and have been working on it. The company says yes, and thrash the madness really began. "This car was built in just four weeks." Literal must sleep in the shop, at times, "said Tod.

Trans Am signal design in the world, but is more apparent than in the nose and hood. Camaro front fascia is changing the face of the urethane for-'78-'77 and a special style, and add the egg-crate grill with vertical bar grille replaced Camaro. Shaker scoop is fully functional and consists of two Shaker '78. And, of course, you can not lose detail to determine who slapped his head and said,-size chicken on the hood, screamed "damn it 'Trans Am."


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